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ANJI FANG YUAN SANITARY MATERIAL CO LTD is a manufacturer with 20 years of experience for the elastic bandage, trauma bandage, trauma dressing, gauze bandage, crepe bandage and other medical bandage products. The manufacturer owns nearly 105,000 square feet. All facilities meet the extensive requirements to ensure customer satisfaction through consistency and quality as outlined by CE, ISO, and FDA.
All of our products are widely using in first aid, sport injury and medical compression therapys.

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With the swift development of the logistics industry, there is higher requirement for logistics system. Accompanied with the new manufacturing bases being established and put into production, we will do our best to make Sunnyrack to be the excellent manufacturer of storage equipment all over the world.

01 20 years experience in bandage products manufacturing
02 Company certified by ISO, CE and FDA.
03 Guaranteed using new and quality raw material (We NEVER USING RECYCLED RAW MATERIAL)
04 The manufacturing capacity is above 12,000 units each day, which is able to meet customers’ lead time
05 The manufacturer owns nearly 105,000 square feet, and qualified by CE, ISO, and FDA.
06 Competitive prices and On time lead time





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