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elastic bandage wrap

We are manufacturing the Cotton Elastic Bandages with high quality cotton material. We devoted ourselves to the elastic bandage products over 20 years, and all facilities are FDA ISO, and CE registered. We are covering Europe, North America’s and South America’s market. We are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

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Product Details

Cotton Elastic Bandages (Ace bandage) beige color high quality cotton material FDA ISO and CE registered manufacturer

1. Product Introduction

This elastic bandage is our the most excellent elastic bandage, composite by premium quality cotton mixed with world calss elastane material. This elastic bandage is a heavy weighted product, thick and soft, and the premium quality material bring the better comfortability to the skin. This cotton elastic bandage is a long-stretched bandage, set up to 300% elasticity. At the same time, we are producing this elastic bandage in a variety of color and sizes. We are expecting become your long-term partner in China, please send us the inquiry and get quick response, free sample available.

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elastic bandage wrap 3 pack

elastic bandage wrap two sides

elastic bandage wrap in detail

2. Product Specification:

Cotton Elastic Bandages (Ace bandage) beige color high-quality cotton material FDA ISO and CE registered manufacturer



Width x Length


Elastic bandage

2" Elastic bandage

2"X 5YD (4.5M)

720 rolls / case

Ace bandage

3" Elastic bandage

3"X 5YD (4.5M)

480 rolls / case

Elastic bandage

4" Ace bandage

4"X 5YD (4.5M)

360 rolls / case

Elastic bandage

6" Elastic bandage

6"X 5YD (4.5M)

240 rolls / case

3. Product Packing and Shipping

ace bandage pack and ship

Elastic bandage manufacturer

4. FAQ:

Q1.  Can you Introduce your manufacturer?

A1: ANJI FANG YUAN SANITARY MATERIAL CO LTD is a manufacturer over 20 years of experience for the elastic bandage, Ace bandage, gauze bandage, crepe bandage, and other medical bandage products. The manufacturer owns nearly 105,000 square feet. All facilities meet the extensive requirements to ensure customer satisfaction through consistency and quality as outlined by CE, ISO, and FDA.


Q2: Can we use own company logo on the elastic bandage and elastic bandage package?

A2: Of course, we can pack the product under your logo by customer request.


Q3: Can we order the elastic bandage less than MOQ?

A3: The price will be very if you order quantities are under the MOQ.


Q4: Are you offering the free samples?

A4: We offer the free samples, but the shipping cost will be on your own.


Q5: Can we visit your factory?

A5: Of course. If you would like to visit our factory, please contact us to make an appointment for the Elastic bandage.


Q6. According to your factory production plan, how long is the fastest delivery date?

A6: We usually set the delivery time of about 30 days. It depends on our workshop production arrangements and the complexity of the product.

5. Contact us:


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