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The gauze triangle towel factory reads the processing technology of the medical gauze piece.

Now in hospital is not only the use of disposable medical gauze piece, many families will buy medical gauze piece, because it was hard to use in our everyday life and body skin wounds, this needs we adopt health medical gauze piece of clean bandage.

Medical gauze piece mainly made of bamboo charcoal fiber materials, early take fresh bamboo smoked preliminary drying, drying, carbonization, carbonization, calcination, spray, crushing, made of bamboo charcoal powder in nanoscale, then place the bamboo charcoal powder mixed with polyester and viscose and stir, through spinning equipment, spare yarn containing bamboo charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal fiber was, then use bamboo charcoal fiber textiles for gauze, described the entire piece of gauze described in half for a quick medical gauze piece.

Carefully made of the processing technology of medical gauze piece, is that users can use gauze piece, as well as an important index is to disinfection sterilization of medical gauze piece, this can effectively guarantee the active promoting effect on wound healing in use process.