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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Splints

The splints are also called plywood, which are planed to the planer of about 1 millimeters thick in each layer. After full air drying, glue is added, compacted by special mechanical equipment, and then pasted on the surface with decorative texture and good material surface, and then cut into a certain decorative plate. The most commonly used splints in the decoration are 1220 mm * 2440 mm.

The hardness of the splint is generally high, because the material and texture have been interlaced vertically in the process of bonding, so the strength is large and it is not easy to deform.

The splint can be divided into three, five, nine splint splint splint, twelve splint, eighteen plywood and other varieties according to the hierarchical, the decoration is the most commonly used three plates and five plywood, also known as the three plywood and plywood. The more layers of splints, the greater the thickness, the higher the strength, the stronger the load-bearing capacity, the less easy to bend. The splint is mostly used in the high-grade decorative base structure. It is suitable to install and fix the decorative parts with large weight bearing.

Of course, the splint has its own deficiencies, is generally higher cost; if the material is not fully dry or the production process problems, resulting in the deformation force, it is difficult to adjust; in addition, the density of the surface layer of plywood as smooth, with plywood as base, on the surface the adhesive fireproof board, aluminum plate and other decorative plates, as MDF base firmly.